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Metropolitan Disc Jockey Service / Special Event Lighting


Prestige, Experience, Knowledge

Metropolitan is well known throughout the professional event community as the top rated service for providing impressive, enjoyable and memorable events. Having played for over one-thousand clients and well over one-hundred thousand guests, Metropolitan has the skill set, knowledge and experience you can trust to make your unique event a success.

No Silly Acts or Gimmicks

Wedding receptions should be enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests. For this reason, we approach every event with astute professionalism. Punctual, well dressed and prepared, we’re always conscious of music volume levels, audience response and your wishes. We never do anything to embarrass you, ourselves, or any guests at your event.

Music, Memories, Quality Sound

Our comprehensive music selection spans all generations to assist in accomplishing lasting memories for every guest in attendance. In addition, Metropolitan implements the highest of quality audio equipment to accomplish crystal clear, clean sounding music which can be easily and comfortably heard by all everyone in attendance.

Professional, Courteous, Attentive

Metropolitan takes great pride in providing you and your guests a professional service to assure an enchanting experience. Our attention to detail and genuine desire to provide a flawless event is unparalleled. Contact us today to begin planning for your unforgettable occasion. Elegant weddings and enjoyable affairs are what we strive to accomplish.

Genuine, Unique, Original

Metropolitan has unequivocally set the highest standard in our marketplace with true time tested results. You may discover services which imitate or attempt to duplicate Metropolitan’s appearance, demeanor and innovations. As these services come and go, take pride in knowing you’ve selected the original, incomparable and unsurpassed Metropolitan for your exceptional event.


Metropolitan is highly recommended and frequently utilized by the majority of key professionals within the wedding event industry. Metropolitan provides each client the opportunity to fully customize their event and then practices an extreme level of attentiveness and implementation to assure a successful and desirable outcome.

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